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Ken Wilber

“Moacyr Castellani is a genuine student of Integral Theory and a terrific innovator in its application to areas such as Leadership Training and Executive Coaching.  His work is highly recommended!” (Photo: Moacyr Castellani)

Ken Wilber

"Excellent professional! Highly recommended!"

Alberto Carnier

"Having worked closely with Moacyr Castellani over the years, I have found him to be an exceptionally gifted coach, consultant and trainer - across vast cultures and countries. He range of insight is both deep and broad, and he possesses unique relational and cognitive capabilities that allow him to work in challenging organizational transformation situations. He is a true professional who acts with integrity; he brings his best to every engagement."

Michael McElhenie

“Excellent process. Robust methodology/process and Empathy helped significantly. Self-esteem, trust, openness, presence, calmness, clarity of purpose and communication on the rise. All parameters had significant improvement shown through positive feedback and practical results.”

Raul Santos

Moacyr is an extremely clever and focused person. Able to manage multiple activities simultaneously, and to work with different kinds of people and companies, easily adapting to the situation, leading to high performance results. It's always a pleasure to interact with him in both professional and friendship point of view

Flávio Rawicz

“I worked with Moacyr delivering workshops for Nokia Siemens Networks in several countries in South America. He was an excellent coach and trainer able to work in mulitiple languages and well liked by participants. Moacyr and I are now good friends.”

Clinton Lucy

"Moacyr's has a unique ability to blend a discovery based approach to coaching with a pragmatic focus on real business results. He is consistently able to ask the difficult and often pivotal question that helps his clients move from insight to action. His is a superior coach that is able to quickly eliminate distraction and move to the most important issues and then to action plans and results. Moacyr is able to balance compassion for his client with an unwavering commitment to results."

Chris Hunsicker

"I have now worked with Moacyr on three separate occasions in which we have been part of a small team running a coaching program for HR professionals in a major transnational company. On each occasion I have been impressed with Moacyr's knowledge of the subjects presented, his ability to present important coaching and related themes in an interesting, engaging way, and his ability to work in-depth on coaching with a small group. He has proved to be an extremely competent, reliable trustworthy colleague who forms excellent working relationships both with participants and colleagues. He has always received very good written and verbal feedback from participants and I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Dr. Paul Roberts

"Moacyr played a key role in my professional and personal life as I don’t think I would have stuck it out if it wasn’t for his excellent coaching and insights into what I needed to do to succeed. I highly recommend Moacyr both as a coach and an excellent speaker. I’ve never worked with such a dedicated and hard working individual who truly cares about his clients and his work. He will make a difference for you and your business, just trust the process. Feel free to contact me directly if you wish to discuss how he can make a difference for you"

Patricia Calloway

“Moacyr is an excellent coach and facilitator, with a well known reputation in Brazil. He has worked on development programmes involving coaching and team leadership for Bath Consultancy Group with several international firms in Brazil. He is a personable and friendly guy who is always willing to help.”

Fiona Ellis

“Feedback received from my boss has indicated some progress but still space to further improve. Plan is to keep focusing on my development on the job and based on the capabilities + self awareness I’ve aquired during the coaching process. Coach process also led to a highly valuable by-product: Clarity of the purpose that drives my motivation and definition of the next steps I want for my career.”

Mariana Passos

“Moacyr is a wonderful colleague with good coaching skills and infectious enthusiasm. I had the pleasure of working with him recently in Brazil with a large and challenging group. He developed a good rapport with them and worked very hard to make the learning a great success for everyone involved. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Chris Smith

"I have met Moacyr Castellani and his methodology Metacoaching, his way to work, his expertise and Metacoaching system had helped me to change my life tremendously! I have discovered my own possibilities not only professionally but also personaly!"

Luciana Lima
Concierge Specialist - Executive Director